SiDiary helps people with diabetes control blood sugar levels


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SiDiary is an ideal day-to-day tool for people with diabetes.

This interesting application lets you store a huge amount of information about your condition, such as the frequency of insulin injections, hourly blood glucose levels, etc.

Without a doubt, its most interesting feature is the ability to import data from more than a dozen different blood glucose meters from brands like Freestyle, Medisense, One Touch, Ascensia, Boso, and many others.

With SiDiary, you can send all the data about your condition via email to whichever address you choose. The program also lets you protect this content with a password, so only the person you tell it to can access it.

The application also has a list of foods and their nutritional value in terms of carbs, proteins, fats, etc.

The program can generate statistics that inform you of your blood glucose level, measures to be taken for a possible treatment regimen, etc.

Last but not least, SiDiary also works on smartphones, or mobile phones with an operating system. From the creator's website you can access this version, which lets you send all your data to your doctor via text message.

The previous version of the program is available for free download here.


Trial version works for 30 days.

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